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Executive Board Elections July 2022

We need nominations for the Executive board and volunteers for the Election Committee. The election committee should consist of at least 3 pilots to count votes. All nominees and Election Committee members must have been union members for at least a year and be in good standing.  All members are currently in good standing.

The Election Committee needs to be identified by mid May so if you have been a member for a year or more and have no intention of accepting an Executive Board nomination please contact Scott Clancy and volunteer.

All positions on the Executive Board are up for election.  President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and 4 Trustee positions need to be filled.  Nominations can’t begin until the Election Committee has been established.  Most of the people currently filling these roles have been doing it for over two years.  We need fresh ideas and enthusiasm to keep moving forward.  There is no interest like self interest, if you want to see things get done then please consider becoming a part of this critical function for maintaining the Local 108!