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Welcome to the PHI & CareFlite pilots union website.

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A Bit of Background

Founded in 2000, Local 108 is committed to our mission of organizing, protecting, and reinforcing the rights of the Pilots employed by PHI Aviation and Careflight. The Union has gone through different eras of identity that have reflected the needs of the pilots in response to the company. Our current era has been a strong renaissance that started in 2017 with the election of a new President and Secretary-treasurer. Through communication and effective engagement we have been rebuilding the membership base, and working through issues with management. While we do not yet have the numbers to exit self-help, our fast-growing presence has had an effect on a number of issues and played a role in changes that have been in many cases mutually beneficial. For example. In the Oil and Gas business unit, Union members were part of a group that worked with management to revise the vacation policy. We were part of changing break day, addressing housing concerns, represented pilots and a number of other important issues. Bottom line, If it's something that affects your career with PHI, we are a part of it. We operate with a business relationship mentality, through that we endeavor to build productive and beneficial relationships with all of our pursuits.

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The Green Book

The Green Book

The Green book describes the specific agreements between PHI Aviation and the Pilots. You will find a variety of topics from pay scales, bidding, housing, and processes. If you have an issue, this is what will be referenced by PHI Aviation and your Union Steward or Officer.

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